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Our Japan to Australia shipment offering can be broken down into separate components, so you can choose as many or as few as you need.

We can package everything into one easy door-to-door service. Or if you require something less comprehensive, we’ll happily put together the components you need. Below is in-depth list of our service components customers can choose from. 


Export bookings and clearances

We handle all export bookings and clearances in Japan which includes export customs clearance, shipping line vessel booking and paperwork processing.

Pre-shipment inspections, including:

Vehicle photos and survey reports

This can be arranged prior to vehicles departing Japan.

Australian bio-security clearance

This is carried out by our appointed and authorised inspectorate JEVIC (Japan Export Vehicle Inspection Centre). It’s a pre-clearance service completed in Japan, and it includes full inspection and cleaning of vehicles prior to departure. This prevents contaminants entering Australia, speeds up the handling process and avoids long and costly delays on arrival.

Gas removal (air-conditioning gases CFC & HFC)

As part of the Ozone Protection and Synthetic Greenhouse Gas Management Act 1989, Australian import regulations require any hazardous materials, such as vehicles with air-conditioning gases CFC and HFC, to be handled by apporoved and licenced individuals or business. There are two options here:

1.    Pre-shipment removal of the gases. We can arrange this prior to vehicles being shipped from Japan. Please enquire for costs.

2.   Australian importers who have an approved licence to handle such gases can import vehicles into Australia without having to remove such air-conditioning gases prior to shipment.

Japanese port handling and vessel loading activities

This includes all charges and fees allocated by the port stevedores and shipping line.



Shipping and transit phase

Full freight from port of loading in Japan to port of discharge in Australia.

Includes shipping line fuel surcharges, additional fees and levies. Vehicles are shipped on state-of-the-art car carrier vessels.

Currently, three vessels operate on a scheduled fortnightly rotation, which provides accurate arrival dates to help vehicle importers with planning logistical and monetary flows. For our latest shipping schedule, please click here.



Arrival ports

Load ports





15 days

14 days

10 days


17 days

16 days

12 days


19 days

18 days

14 days

Please note: Transit times are subject to change at any time.

Marine insurance cover

This applies to all vehicles from the time of purchase through to discharge at the destination port. For cover to be confirmed, a copy of the purchase invoice or indication of the value is required. Policy terms and conditions are available on request.



Arrival Phase

Import clearance

We manage the full import clearance of vehicles, liaising with government agencies such as Australian Customs, AQUIS and DAFF, as well as handling all shipping line and port clearances.

All GST, duty, taxes and transaction fees payable to Australian Customs upon arrival are overseen by our customs clearance team and invoiced to you before arrival.

Local vehicle transport upon arrival

We can arrange vehicle transport from the port of arrival to anywhere throughout Australia. For rates, please enquire.

A simple step-by-step guide to our services

1.  Enquire and provide details of your vehicles.
2.  We’ll send you a comprehensive quote.
3.  Next, you’ll be required to meet the required vehicle import approval. Click here for more information on approval criteria.
4.  Once approval is granted, a booking is made and shipment details are provided to you.
5.  Vehicles are shipped to your destination.


Import information

Importing vehicles into Australia can be a very difficult task. If certain processes and procedures are not met, importers can be faced with lengthy delays, mounting costs and in some cases the rejection of import clearance.

Therefore, it’s vital you follow the correct procedures and advice. Dolphin Shipping will be able to assist and guide you through the full process.

There are a number of ways vehicles can be imported into Australia. These include:

-  Vehicles manufactured before 1 January 1989.

-  RAWS (Registered Automotive Workshop Scheme).

-  Personal Import Scheme.

-  Temporary Imports (such as a carnet).

For more information on these import methods, please contact us here.