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Our Australia to New Zealand vehicle shipment offering can be packaged into one easy all-inclusive package and service. Or if you require something less comprehensive, we can certainly help with the clearance, export or any transport required.


ALL-INCLUSIVE packages can include:
  • Export bookings in Australia
  • Collection and Delivery throughout Australia
  • Full ocean freight from Australia to New Zealand
  • Marine insurance
  • Document handling
  • Arrival port service charges in New Zealand
  • Arrival Customs clearance and handling
  • Delivery anywhere in New Zealand

Below is an in-depth list of our service components customers can choose from. 




Australian vehicle transport:


We can arrange collection and transport of vehicles anywhere in Australia to ports for shipment.

Export bookings:

We handle all export bookings in Australia which includes any pre clearance arrangements, shipping line bookings and paperwork processing.


Export customs clearance:

We arrange for the customs clearance of your vehicles to be exported out of Australia.


Australian port handling and vessel loading activities:

This includes all charges and fees allocated by the port stevedores and shipping line.



Shipping and transit phase

Full freight from port of loading in Australia to port of discharge in New Zealand:

Includes shipping line fuel surcharges, additional fees and levies. Vehicles are shipped on state-of-the-art car carrier vessels.

We ship with multiple shipping lines to bring you the fastest service possible.

Marine Insurance Cover:

We can arrange marine insurance cover for all shipments. Please enquire for insurance options available. Policy terms and conditions are available on request.



Arrival Phase

Import clearances

We manage the full import clearance of vehicles, liaising with government agencies such as New Zealand Customs, and MPI, as well as handling all shipping line and port clearances.

All GST, duty, taxes and transaction fees payable to New Zealand Customs upon arrival are overseen by our customs clearance team and invoiced to you before arrival.

Local vehicle transport:

We can arrange vehicle transport from the port of arrival to anywhere throughout New Zealand.


A simple step-by-step guide to our services:

1.  Enquire and provide details of your vehicles.
2.  We’ll send you a comprehensive quote.
3.  Confirmation of vehicle details, collection and place of destination.
4.  Booking is made and shipment details are provided to you.
5.  Vehicles are shipped to your destination.